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With more than 28 years of experience, AJP has designed everything, from conceptuals, signs, banners, displays and exhibits, books, corporate communications, promotions, labels & packaging to art directing a photo shoot. With a strong background in health food, it is not a surprise that we specialize in labelling for healthfood and nutraceuticals.

The work shown on this website represents a small sampling of projects that we have produced over the years as well as our latest projects. Email for more info.

Cirkids Calendar

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C-NAG.com website

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Graphic design

Our approach to graphic design is to communicate clearly and simply to the consumer, not to decorate and confuse. We want the reader to understand what the message is right away and not have to "hunt around".

Web Design

We use a similar approach in designing web sites. Every element used should add to the message and not detract from it. Easy-to-read websites tend to be clean and easy to read and navigate.

Packaging and Promotions

We have done a lot of different packaging, promotions & corporate communications for different industries, including health food labelling and packaging. See more here.


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Mindful Yoga

Designed for a yoga instructor

BioVerse Health Store

Exclusive online healthfood store.

7 am Probiotic label

Made in BC Company

New Project Sign

Custom Homes Construction

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